As Covid Surges, Beaumont Health Sets Up Outdoor Triage Tents

April 15, 2021, 12:06 PM

(Photo: Beaumont Health)

To help ease the burden of its emergency rooms as Covid cases spike, Beaumont Health, the state's biggest hospital system, is beginning to set up triage tents outside.

The Detroit Free Press reports: 

More than 800 coronavirus patients fill all eight of the hospitals in the state's largest health care system, "taxing our staff and our resources," Dr. Nick Gilpin, Beaumont’s medical director of Infection Prevention and Epidemiology said, yet there's no policy in place this time to restrict in-person dining, sports or schools, where the virus is known to spread. 

It's left Beaumont in a place where it is beginning to put up triage tents outside some its hospitals to manage the stress in its emergency rooms. Tents are up already at its Grosse Pointe hospital, Gilpin said.

That 280-bed Grosse Pointe site had 66 Covid in-patients Wednesday. Beaumont hospitals in Wayne and Farmington Hills were above 90% capacity, while other Metro Detroit hospitals also are nearly full. 

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“The new Covid-19 variants are more contagious," Dr. Gilpin said in a press release. "The patients we are seeing are younger and some are sicker and in need of intense medical attention.” 


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