Grosse Pointe resident who displayed KKK flag threatened to do it again, attorney says

May 07, 2021, 10:09 AM

JeDonna Dinges. (Photo: Facebook)

The media and activist attention have faded, but a Black woman in Grosse Pointe whose neighbor displayed a KKK flag in February is still grappling with the reality of living beside an open racist.

The man next door to JeDonna Dinges was not charged because the flag was on private property, and authorities have said there's little that can be done.

And so, according to the Detroit Free Press, her neighbor is considering doubling down, even after facing significant public backlash.

On April 20, Dinges got a scary text from her attorney, Todd Perkins, who had gotten a call from Grosse Pointe Park's interim public safety chief James Bostick. Her neighbor was threatening to put the KKK flag back up.

That's what leads Dinges to double checks to see if her doors are locked every night, something she didn't do for the past 11 years in her quiet Grosse Pointe Park home. She and her daughter worry about the neighbor breaking in.

There are new batteries in her smoke detectors, in case of a fire, because she can't shake the memory of that gas can. Loud noises when cars or trucks drive by make her more jumpy than before, and she checks to make sure her tires haven’t been tampered with overnight.

Her neighbor's anger over the camera, and where it was placed, continues. Bostick came out later and looked where Dinges’ home camera pointed. Her camera caught him. 

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