After Illness, Erika Erickson Leaving Detroit's Fox 2 to Work for Wayne County Sheriff

November 23, 2021, 7:48 PM by  Allan Lengel

Erika Erickson (Photo: LinkedIn)

Reporter Erika Erickson, after dealing with nagging physical ailments, is leaving Fox 2 after eight years to work as the communications director for the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

Erickson, off the air for most of the year, made the announcement on Facebook.

"After having daily, unbearable headaches that felt like someone was yanking my eyeballs for the past couple of years, to the point where I could barely move my head and neck the last 6 months (barely able to bet out of bed for 4 months), I can finally say I am feeling better. I will be continuing physical therapy, as my lovely doctor says, until my 'dizziness and headaches go away,' and I am now getting back to work! It is just somewhere else.

"The thing is, I cannot physically handle all that reporting in the field entails, unfortunately. Working out of a bouncing truck, hunching over to log video, standing or interviewing in unpredictable weather, running around all over to cover ever-changing or breaking news…and the overall madness that is news: I love it all, but my body was screaming at me for so long and I didn’t listen. Now I am. I’m deeply saddened to say goodbye to Fox 2 and my friends who are much more like family there, all of you who tuned in.

But there is some wonderful news here. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce I am now working with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office as its new Director of Communications. I’m excited to work for the people of Wayne County, for the passionate Sheriff Raphael Ray Washington and spirited Chief Michael T. Turner. ...

Although this is not how I wanted to say goodbye to Fox 2, I know I will still see my Fox 2 family and I know this is what is best for me right now. I’ve spent these last several months working to get better physically, but also mentally, as this whole ordeal took a massive toll on my spirit as well. 

The Detroit News was the first to report this. 

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