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December 08, 2021, 11:10 AM

Our newsgathering team has been busier than usual since early last week, and it's gratifying to see readership grow as we provide comprehensive, timely accounts of the tragedy at Oxford High and community discussions it generates. 

Though we'd rather report on more uplifting topics, staying on top of fast-moving local news is a responsibility our professionally trained staff takes seriously. We compile factual reporting from reliable sources, along with original newsgathering and columns, for coverage that's updated regularly.

Since the first police reports of multiple casualties at the suburban school, which we posted within an hour on Nov. 30, this site has presented over 30 articles on the topic in seven days -- some freshened repeatedly.

Distinctive coverage included next-morning looks at the district's active shooter drills and at its near-retirement superintendent, plus real-time coverage of the shooter's parents on the run and how they wound up hiding at an artist's studio on Detroit's lower east side.

Columns by editor Allan Lengel and Charlie LeDuff (here and here today) add perspectives not appearing elsewhere, as do commentaries by a county prosecutor and a retired educator

We hope this full-press energy reinforces your appreciation of Deadline Detroit, and  shows why joining our membership program by contributing $3 a month or more is a fair way to show gratitude and loyalty. (One-time donations gladly accepted.)


We've published daily without a subscrtiption paywall since 2012. Deadline Detroit members, some of whom make a yearly donation, help support staff writers, editors, our photojournalist, a freelance network and tech costs.

Thanks for reading and enlarging the members' circle as we approach our 10th anniversary year.

-- Deadline Detroit staff


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