Detroit History Podcast: Jeff Montgomery, Detroit's Fierce LGBTQ+ Rights Activist

December 20, 2021, 7:45 AM

Jeff Montgomery (Photo: The Detroit History Podcast)

Jeff Montgomery was a lifelong activist who played an important role in saving Detroit's Orchestra Hall. When a hate crime brought tragedy to his personal life, he channeled his talent and drive to working on behalf of the LBGTQ+ community.

His career and sad decline are documented in "America You Kill Me," a documentary that lost its major debut to COVID, but is set to premiere next spring. Montgomery died in 2016 at age 63. His health had been declining in his latter years.

We tell Montgomery's story through the words of the film's director, Daniel Land; musical artist Audra Kubat, who supplies the soundtrack; "Stirling," a longtime friend of Montgomery; and historian Michael Hodges. This is the season finale of The Detroit History Podcast.

-- Tim Kiska 

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