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Cost creep affects Detroit coneys, though bargains are out there

May 03, 2022, 9:59 AM

Coney dogs aren't getting plumper, but prices for these pure Detroit staples have bulked up at some shops in recent months.

(Photo: Jeff Couger)

A check of 10 coney restaurants around the city by Axios Detroit, a two-day old newsletter, shows that costs range from $1.10 (Grandy's Coney Island, Fenkell and Lahser) to $3.50 at Lafayette Coney Island downtown -- a nickel more than at neighboring American.

Our beloved coney dog is not inflation-proof.

Even the bargain-priced servings at Grandy's rose 11 cents a few months ago – the shop's first boost in 17 years. "Everything went up – chili, the bread, everything," owner Gus Jaku tells Detroit's new media outlet. 

A colorful graphic at the link below charts the range of prices at spots visited last week, which exclude chains such as National and Leo's.

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